PT. Insan Media Pratama
This company engaged in the Professional Publishing. I was worked as layouter in this company. My employee status was an internship layouter as one of the requirements for graduation.
PT. Yellow
This company engaged in the Professional Printing & Advertising. I was work as graphic designer and sometimes help the printing process division. My employee status was an internship for requirement of graduation.
20 10
PT. Pijar Kreasindo
Work as freelance graphic designer to make visual of CD interactive. Completed design will be submitted to the animation division. The interactive CD aims to introduce various kinds of learning to students in a modern way.
20 11
Bianca Printing
Not only work as graphic design but also as a desktop publisihing. Besides designing I also advise customers about the color, type of paper or print process that will be used.
20 12
PT. Aetherica Itanusa Persada
I was graphic designer here and also learned to be a web designer and web editor. Some of my work was worked on Wika Energi and karsamudika.com.
20 13
PT. Bluewater indonesia
Worked in a team that incorporated in the design division. Created applications for smartphone. Some of them are Nasdem Messager, langit music, souniqmusik, KFC Tunes, etc.
20 13
Merdeka Studio
This company works online, I worked as a freelance graphic designer in making logos, brochures, etc.
20 14
PT. Citra Busana Indonesia
Cooperate with retail and sales companies. There are 3 brands namely ranti, hijabhijab and hijapedia which is an online store in Muslim fashion. Create campaigns to place in social media and print media and create POP and banners to place in stores.