Greystone Bakery

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Greyston Bakery has been baking gourmet desserts and good will just north of New York City since 1982. The $8 million for-profit bakery is best known for its long-standing status as Ben & Jerry’s brownie supplier and for having an open-hiring policy that provides the people of Yonkers, NY with employment opportunity regardless of work history. Consistent with its social mission, profits from Greyston Bakery support the Greyston Foundation’s community development initiatives, including low-income housing, childcare and health services. Greyston Bakery continues to be a pioneer in the world of social enterprise and recently became New York States first Benefit Corporation.

Greyston Bakery’s target audience is women, ages 25-45 who are college educated with a disposable income, lives in either suburban or city dwellings and values social enterprise and socially responsible business. She appreciates and supports local/community business, often volunteers her time and shops in stores like Whole Foods Market and other specialty food stores where she purchases high quality, all natural items.

Client Notes

We are looking to update our logo. We would like the primary feature to be “Greyston” and for “Bakery” to be secondary. We are also not married to the wheat but are open to see variations.