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We want a label for one of our supplements. The label template is attached. The product is called: TopCardio – l-Arginine Cardiovascular Formula – The label shall include the same text as the one attached, only the name is changing. This product specifically is focused on improving the heart, cardiovascular, and circulation health as a whole. It is also a multivitamin, minerals, and so on… We will be creating additional label for other products, and we want to create this first label and maintain the same design lines for the subsequent products… which means that we will only be changing names, text and other minor design elements for our other products… Keep this in mind when submitting your design. Also, we want to transmit health, professionalism, quality, nothing artificial, energetic and innovative.

Client Notes

We have a logo for our company, would like to stay within those colors. Company logo is attached also. To describe better why we want to be consistent and colorful, let us refer you an example: — See how we have no images, kind of dark background that make colors call up your attention.